Every year, Google does something different at Google I/O.

  • 3 years ago it was of course Google Glass.
  • 2 years ago it was Google Play Services. They added bunch of cool features to all devices without releasing a new version of Android. Cool 😎
  • Last year, it was Material Design and Lollipop. It was the biggest update on Android's history. They blew our minds with that. Also the keynote was amazing. 

I think this year, it is libraries and services for iOS. Almost all SDKs have iOS counterpart now and they are installed using Cocoapods. 

If I want to name some of them, they will be:

  • Google Cloud Messaging for iOS
  • Cocoapods integration
  • Cardboard SDK for iOS
  • App Indexing for iOS
  • App Invites for iOS
  • more...

Apple just announced sort of app indexing for iOS in WWDC 2 days ago. I think it is really interesting to see that Google did it before Apple did for their own OS. We will see what happens following months. 

For more info, watch this video and you will see iOS everywhere.

For more detailed info about Google Services on iOS, watch this Google I/O session: